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BEcom Industrial Bread Line


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The industrial bread line is designed for continuous and consistent tin bread production configured with the unique BEcom moulder, equipped with cutting-twisting and automatic tin loading stations.This powerful line is made of high-quality materials, fully stainless steel, heavy-duty construction and well workmanship, that ensures perfect dough results and, in the end, excellent baking results.

The line has two different capacities depending on the divider preferred, Model: BE-CD-2P or Model: BE-CD-3P: Up to 2,400pcs/hr dough weight range between 4oz-43oz Up to 3,600pcs/hr dough weight range between 3.5oz-22oz

Dough Divider, Model: BE-CD-2P
– Dividing chamber, main piston, measuring piston, hopper base made of Ni-Resist material (wear-corrosion and oxidant resistant).
– Crankshaft made from cast iron.
– BEKA brand oiling pump with 6 fixed dosing valves.
– Drop hopper has a volume of 55 gallons and made from stainless steel.
– Outer covers made of stainless steel.
– Analog weight adjustment with position indicator.
– Analog pressure adjustment of spring with position indicator.
– Variable speed inverter.
– 1.8 gallon oil reservoir, stainless steel indicator of insufficient oil supply.
– Cross discharge conveyor, (left or right hand side must be specified when placing order.)

Industrial Conical Rounder, Model: BE-CONR-IND
– Fully stainless-steel frame and surrounding panels
– Cast iron Teflon coated cone
– Aluminum tracks, in and outside Teflon coated
– Cast aluminum crumb collection tray, Teflon coated
– Cone speed controller by inverter
– Cone with top bearing
– Stainless steel round head cover
– Automatic flour duster
– Stainless steel swivel castors with mounting pins
– Easy in operation and cleaning
– Perfect separation between dough pieces coming from the divider
– Perfect transfer of dough pieces with outfeed chute

Industrial Intermediate Proofer, Model: BE-IND-IP-340
– Fully stainless-steel frame, swings and surrounding panels modular system – unmounted
– Nylon-mesh round pockets, easy to remove for cleaning
– 10 pocket modulated standard in all models on swings
– infeed conveyor, with photocell control with continuous drive. Flour duster on infeed conveyor
– Collection drawers for adjustable resting time, to able to exit of dough pieces as refer desired proofing time
– Outfeed cross conveyor
Synchronized speed controller with the divider
– Electrical cabinet at working height with power supply and sockets for divider, rounder and moulder
– Air circulation fan
– UV lightening
– Flexible layout with the choice of infeed position; side right or left and front or rear must be specified with the order.
– Electrotechnical control panel

Inline Industrial Moulder/Panner, Model: BE-IND-ILMP
– Fully stainless-steel frame and surrounding panels
– Fully automatic twisting and panning
– Bypass of twisting station for open loaves
– Blue color cleanline belt, coated with polyolefin material
– Knife station for complete and partial cutting
– Discharge stainless steel belt to transfer loaves
– Infeed conveyor
– Adjustable centering rollers on infeed conveyor
– Driven pressure roller adjustable by position indicator
– 3 pairs of adjustable sheeter and gear drive on rollers
– Adjustable speed by frequency inverter
– Adjustable wire belt for pre-molding with separated conveyor
– Individually adjustable conveyor speed by frequency inverter
– Height adjustable fixed and motorized-conveyed combined pressure boards
– Air blowing fans on sheeting rollers, pre-molding belt and pressure board
– Parallel adjustable side guides to fix length of loaves