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BEcom Intermediate Proofer, Model: BE-IP-640 (640 Pocket)



This traveling tray proofer is designed to give dough pieces a rest, or intermediate proof, between dividing and final moulding, in an automated fashion. It can be operated in manual or automatic mode, according to the dough quantity being fed by the divider (not included). It uses automatic sensors to synchronize with your divider and keep track of the pieces. Digital display, UV lights and a temperature gauge are all available as options. The intermediate proofer can be ordered with right or left side exit. All models use easily removable and sanitary plastic pockets. Pocket range 2oz – 40oz

***Please note that the 640 pocket Intermediate Proofer’s entrance is located in back side and dough pieces fall down to the moulder from front side, that’s why the 640 works even faster than other models

-Easy to clean plastic pockets
-Standard drive by a gear motor and chain
-Dough is counted by sensor
-Provided with sockets for divider, rounder, and moulder
-Flour drawer included underneath machine