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BEcom Water Meter, Model: BE-WM-C



BEcom’s water meter allows you to put the specific amount of water you need to help you make perfect dough every time. Its digital control panel will let you measure from 0.1 to 99.9 liters and give an exact reading of water temperature. It will help you get the dough consistency you need for perfect products every time.

Easy to use
Metric digital panel
Water pressure : from 3.6 psi to 116 psi
Water flow rates : from 0.5 to .99 liters. 
Water inlet 1/2″ NPT
Volume measurement from 0.1 to 99.9 liters
Volume measurement accuracy in terms of preset value 
± 2% with water flow rates from 2 l/min to 25 l/min    
Water temperature reading range from 32° F to 214° F (0° C to 99.5° C )

Dimensions: 11” X 12” X 4”
Max Flow Rate: 60L/Min – 16 Gal/Min Power: 110V – 1Ph – 60Hz